Asia Music Summit is an annual event of international stature and repute to promote the rich music of Asia. This event is an important destination for cultural tourism, international art exchange and a vibrant market for music of all genres. AMS will act as a platform to create and extend professional opportunities for the music industry and provides international performing arts practitioners with a one stop access to the blossoming Asian music market.

An effective venue for emerging companies and artists to reach out to the global industry and to develop a vibrant marketplace, also offering a platform for major regional and international players to congregate and interact. The aim of “AMS” is to provide a global platform, where the exchange and birth of ideas, and concepts will be fostered, to create exciting new partnerships within Asia and the rest of the World.


    South Korea

  • When

    19 - 21 May, 2023

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Guillame Gee
Guillaume De Macquille (Gee)

Asia Music Summit was a great experience for me. It felt very special being part of such an inspiring and diverse group of people. Asia is truly a fertile ground for extraordinary music and festivals, and it is with this kind of initiative that you realize how much is still to be discovered.

Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand
Rathi Jafer

The Asia Music Summit at the Global Toronto event helped throw a spotlight on the unique context of the opportunities and challenges therein. The panel discussion on Strategic Partners and Collaborators that I participated in, focused on the state of play in the regions of the UAE, Jordan and India. The discussion examined the potential and the hurdles in the creation, reception and distribution of music projects in these regions. The importance of working in partnership, of establishing conduits and for clear and regular communication between and beyond the region and the will and means to collaborate and to sustain artistic relationships strategically at organizational and individual levels, emerged as focal points during the discussion. It is hoped that the Asia Music Summit continues to be an integral part of the Global Toronto platform to keep open a window of dialogue that allowed organizations and artists from Asia to link meaningfully with their counterparts across the world.

INKO Centre, Chennai India
Jason Photo itsuka
Jason Mayall

It was a pleasure to be invited to join the ‘Festivals in Asia’ panel on the Asia Music Summit. Thanks for the opportunity to present our Fuji Rock Festival, the session was very interesting as it shed light on the many diverse and different festivals and the current problems we face in these troubled Covid times. We all share a love of music, so the chance to get together on line and discuss ways of working in partnership in the Asia Pacific Market was very beneficial to us all. Hoping we can all get back to promoting festivals and shows in 2021 with renewed vigour and the sharing of more regional acts.

Artistic Director
Fuji Rock Festival, Japan
Amani Semaan - credits Mira El Koussa
Amani Semman

Asia Music Summit is a great project to initiate connections between music professionals and institutions around all Asia. It is filling a gap we feel for a long time now. It is important because it will create opportunities for development and exchange, especially for musicians to export their music beyond limited regions. The event introduced us to people and events we had heard of, but was so relevant to know more about them, and connect to potentially partner up.

Festival Director
Beirut & Beyond, Beirut
Theja Meru

The Asia Music Summit was a very enriching experience, it was wonderful to discover a family of music, cultural entrepreneurs and organisers of some of the biggest festivals of Asia. The success of our artists depends on networkings and I feel this platform is perfect for the artist connection and promotion and look forward to working together in the days ahead.

Task Force for Music and Arts Hornbill Music Festival Government of Nagaland, India
Jun-Lin Yeoh

Making direct connections with other people involved in the music industry in Asia has been a long time a coming. The recent Asia Music Summit joined the dots for a lot of us.  For me, certainly. It will take a little bit more time for all of us to assimilate the information that we now have, and think of how to create collaborations and/or work out timings and logistics for sharing bands, but we are now just an email or text away from each other.  And with time, this network will grow even bigger. This is certainly a huge doorway to many avenues - one of the immediate one being booking bands for festivals and venues. The online panels and discussions over the Summit had a positive vibe as a starting point. And subsequent meetings, be it online or face-to-face, can only gather more drive. Global Toronto was the first "umbrella" that Asia Music Summit nestled under. I am hoping that we will be able to nestle more meetings under as many other events from now on. Especially events that are based in Asia. This momentum must not be stopped. We all have much we want to do.

Artistic Director
Rainforest World Music Festival Sarawak, Malaysia