Acoustic Triode is a jazz trio with a unique format consisting of one vocalist and two guitarists. American legendary jazz guitarist John Stowell who has built his own unique sound based on jazz language and harmony over decades, Sangyeon Park who have received invitations from European jazz musicians including England, Finland and Italy after majoring in jazz guitar in The Hague, Netherlands and a jazz vocalist Yunmi Kang who majored in classical piano in Bremen, Germany, then majored in jazz vocal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After graduating, she achieved the result of winning second prize at the International Jazz Vocal Competition in the Netherlands.Transcending generations and borders, they approach the audience in a free and unique way through mutual interplay and sufficient use of space, as can be seen from the format and the name of the trio, through playing their own compositions and jazz standard songs.

Team Members: Names and roles of team members

Yunmi Kang (Vocal)
John Stowel (Guitar)
Sangyeon Park (Guitar)

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