Yonglee, a jazz musician and composer based in New York and Seoul, is putting his own voice on the piano by rendering a compound of various modern musical elements including jazz. Yonglee, who continues to be active, releasing two collections of works <Touch> and E.P. <Surface of Time>, has received the notable attention of critics, which includes selected as a best Korean best jazz album of 2022, and continues to perform at various large theaters, festivals, and jazz venues. Yonglee’s music, a harmonious combination of modern musical language and reinterpretation of the jazz tradition, presents a new alternative to today’s jazz scene. His band includes 5 noteworthy musicians in the Korean jazz scene. The music created by these personnel will break the mold of established jazz and provide a multidimensional experience.

Team Members: Names and roles of team members

Yonglee (pf, synth) Youngwoo Lee (Synth.) Hwansu Kang(Bass) Dayeon Seok(Drums)

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