Riju Tuladhar has vast experience working as a musician in Nepal and internationally. As a teacher at the Ethnomusicology Department of Kathmandu University, musician at the band Kanta dab dab; and co-founder and co-director of Echoes in the Valley organisation (EitV),

EitV is a non-profit organisation in Nepal, organised by some of the leading musicians and educators working to promote musical heritage. Initiated in 2017, it is a multifaceted platform for diverse activities that aim to revitalise the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. With a conviction that art and music can drive societal change and equality, the educational, artistic and archiving activities of EitV are designed to support the capacity-building of various stakeholders working with cultural heritage. It believes in working collaboratively to cross-pollinate ideas and develop fresh and innovative solutions to common problems. As women have a marginal position in the Nepali music and music education scene, EitV has already established a special agenda, ‘amplifyHer’, to increase the possibilities for women to participate in this Nepali music scene.

Riju is committed to work that strives to revive the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. He is also a music pedagogue certified from Sibelius Academy, University of Arts Helsinki and was in the research team of Global vision (Finland). Currently, he is the country representative for Nepal at MusiConnect Asia. Tuladhar has been touring extensively around the countries in Europe, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, India, Hong Kong and Japan with his band Kanta dAb dAb as well as with various musicians from Nepal and abroad. He has also been actively participating in various music related conferences like International Society of Music Education (ISME), Cultural Diversity in Music Education (CDIME), World Music Expo (WOMEX).